Photo Gallery

We are saddened to hear about the passing of Rocky. He roamed the yard for many years, waiting for the precise moment to attack the water hose. He will be deeply missed.🐾

Picture of the Day…Izzy, Beau & Evelyn. Always a fun day when good ol’ friends get to hang out together.🐾

In other news: We were sad to see Hans move away from the Bayou. Hope to hear of his continuous adventures somewhere down the stream.🐾

Picture of the Day…Scottie🐾

Rub a dub dub, Bluebelle’s in the tub! 🛁🧼🛁

Picture of the Day…Leeloo & Nova enjoying the weather!🐾

Picture of the Day…Paloma🐾

Picture of the Day…Lulu starting the day a little slow.🐾

Picture of the Day…Bam Bam🐾

Rub a dub dub, Rocky’s in the tub 🛁

Picture of the Day…Bo🐾

Picture of the Day…Dixie & Lilly🐾

Rub a dub dub, kip’s in the tub 🛁

Picture of the Day…Talk to me “Goose”!

Picture of the Day…Maximus🐾

Picture of the Day…Woody🐾

Picture of the Day…Mazie relaxing on the Bayou!🐾

Picture of the Day…Frazier & Lady Bird🐾

Here’s are more spooky pic’s of our “Not” so scary day on the Bayou!🐾👻

Ahoy all ye landlubbers, swashbucklers, biscuit eaters & sea dogs. We pirates will be taking over Bone on the Bayou Friday October 30th. We are opening Davy Jones’ locker with candy for ye young buccaneers & dog treats. Who’s dressing up & who’s walking the plank?🐾☠️

Son of a Gun, we had big fun on the Bayou…today!

Rub a dub dub, Peanut’s🥜 in the tub 🛁

Picture of the Day…Whoa, Nelly!🐾