Professional Dog Grooming

Have your dog(s) look and feel their best with our full line of professional grooming services. We groom the little ones as well as the big ones. Our goal is not to stress out your dog(s) but to create a pleasant and healthy experience.

At Bone on the Bayou you will never be surprised with additional unexpected charges when you pick up your dog(s) as our full service grooming packages includes trimming nails, ear cleaning – including removal of ear hair, as well as expressing the anal gland. Our standard baths include hand fluff drying, brushing, as well as trimming the nails and the hair in between the foot pads.

All rates are based on breed, weight and condition of your dog(s) coat.

We also offer bath and tidy, which includes our standard bath, trimming nails, ear cleaning – including removal of ear hair as well as expressing the anal glands.

Grooming Gallery

Going through negotiations with Mable Lee for her bath. She’s putting in a good argument!🐾

This just in…Koda giving a little high five for a nice looking groom.
Groom by Ruby

Picture of the Day…⚠️ Caution⚠️We have a “Moose” in the area. 🐾

Take a break from the news for a few moment & watch a few dogs playing on the Bayou🐾

How Riggins started…How Riggins ended🐾

Playtime on the Bayou🐾