Our Bedtime consists of everything our Playtime consists of along with the overnight accommodations.

Our extended stay dog(s) will be placed just as our Playtime dogs in supervised, interactive playgroups as well as walks throughout the day. Our playgroups are based upon age, size and temperament levels of your dog(s).

In our main building we offer two playrooms for the smaller and senior dog. The smaller and senior dogs are also taken outside throughout the day as well.

For the larger energetic dogs, we offer a large fenced area with a large climate controlled building. The building offer a large running space with rubber flooring for your dog(s) joints. The dogs under supervision, are free to run and play all day.

We use ADT security for our cameras as well as motion detectors to keep constant eye on your pup at night.

Bedtime Rates:

Bedtime Gallery

Picture of the Day…Hey Enzo time to wake up! Do you remember the
21st night of September?
Love was changing the minds of pretenders.
While chasing the Beta clouds away! 🐾☔️

Picture of the Day…Archie🐾

In other news…We had a birthday on the Bayou today! Please wish Leisel a very happy birthday!🐾🎉

Who’s tired of this rain? Hopefully tonight is the last of it! Stay safe & we will see y’all tomorrow.🐾☔️

Picture of the Day…Blu🐾

Picture of the Day…Give a little shout out to distemper survivor “Alaska”🐾