Our Bedtime consists of everything our Playtime consists of along with the overnight accommodations.

Our extended stay dog(s) will be placed just as our Playtime dogs in supervised, interactive playgroups as well as walks throughout the day. Our playgroups are based upon age, size and temperament levels of your dog(s).

In our main building we offer two playrooms for the smaller and senior dog. The smaller and senior dogs are also taken outside throughout the day as well.

For the larger energetic dogs, we offer a large fenced area with a large climate controlled building. The building offer a large running space with rubber flooring for your dog(s) joints. The dogs under supervision, are free to run and play all day.

We use ADT security for our cameras as well as motion detectors to keep constant eye on your pup at night.

Bedtime Rates:

Bedtime Gallery

Picture of the Day…Izzy, Beau & Evelyn. Always a fun day when good ol’ friends get to hang out together.🐾

We are saddened to hear about the passing of Rocky. He roamed the yard for many years, waiting for the precise moment to attack the water hose. He will be deeply missed.🐾

Ahoy all ye landlubbers, swashbucklers, biscuit eaters & sea dogs. We pirates will be taking over Bone on the Bayou Friday October 30th. We are opening Davy Jones’ locker with candy for ye young buccaneers & dog treats. Who’s dressing up & who’s walking the plank?🐾☠️

Picture of the Day…Scottie🐾