What is included in a full groom Package?

We are a full service grooming salon that handles varies breeds & styles. We utilize several different types of organic shampoos and conditioners in order to give each individual dog the best bath they can get.

First we like to look at the skin and determine the specific needs of your dog and how to clean him or her optimally. We wash every dog twice. The first wash is designed to get your dog clean where the second wash is designed to actually treat and condition the skin and coat. We will then apply an additional conditioner to the coat if needed. While shampooing we always express the anal glands to ensure that your dogs glands try to never get impacted. We clean the ears and check for wax build up or debris in the ear canal. We when use hand held forced air dryers to rid the moisture from the coat. Certain breads may require for us to carefully brush out to remove any mats and tangles. We trim and if requested dremel your dogs nails.

The Trimming or shaving process is next set and what is different than the bath & nails package. We trim all the fur between the pads of the feet followed by the grooming process. Depending on the breed we will do either clipper work, hand scissoring or a combination of the two.

Our goal is have your dog(s) look and feel their best with our full line of professional grooming services.

We do not want to stress out your dog(s). We want to create a relationship with them so we may notice any changes in their skin such as sores, rashes, or moles. A dog can cannot simply tell us when something is sensitive, tender or painful so we must always be paying attention to the subtle signs of non-verbal language. And finally we want to create a pleasant and healthy experience for dog(s).

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